GMPR Cashman’s They Call Me Seeker MH

GMPR Cashman’s They Call Me Seeker MH

AKC: SR72892002
DOB: 05/08/2012
Weight:  65 lbs
OFA: Excellent LR-210113E26M-VP
Elbows: LR-EL64140M26-VPI Normal PENNHIP: .31; .23  90 percentile           
CERF: Normal LR-2708/18M-VPI
EIC,CNM & PRA: Clear by Parentage 


seekerupFor more than two years we have been looking forward to seeing what Seeker will produce. He is a special dog and we think you will agree when you see his offspring. I don’t think we have owned a dog with his amount of talent, focus, drive and yet so relaxed as a pet. This was no accident. He is just what we expected when we got him as a seven week old pup from a breeding with our stud dog Trooper.

Seeker is the quality of labrador that anyone would be proud to own. He is extremely calm, quite, attentive and very easy to live with in the house and kennel. He loves to be with all dogs and people. But when you are hunting or training he will not quit. The focus, drive and intensity is second to none. He is an exceptional marker, great water dog and pointed everything at seven weeks old. His trainers have seen what we have been noticing all along. A great balance between high drive, intelligence, and easy to live with.

Trooper and Maggie were bred in 2011 and we recieved many emails, pictures and phone calls from very happy owners and trainers of this first time breeding. It wasn’t only temperament, they all have the similar looks, size and pointing instinct of Trooper. I also worked with a couple of six month old started dogs from this litter and noticed they were exactly the quality of dogs that we strive to produce. I even tried to purchase one of the dogs I worked with because I was so impressed. When Larry Hansen said he planed to repeat the breeding, it was an easy decision, we were first on the list. In fact, Maggie is retired now but she was never bred to another male. Larry said “When it works like this why would I go anywhere else." As a long time breeder of Labradors you get excited when you see a breeding of this quality. Especially an out cross breeding like this because you have a better chance with consistency when you line breed. It is not unusual to see an outstanding dog or if your lucky several exceptional dogs from one litter. However, it is quite unusual to hear the amount of praise we received from a single combination.

seekerlgThis is just a few quotes of what we have been hearing from the owners of their offspring; "I absolutely adore this puppy, his resilience and strength plus his awesome intelligence!” "He is so darn smart and easy to train...we're the one's that need an education on how to keep him challenged.” "In seven days of Waterfowl hunting, I shot 22 birds over him and he “never” lost one of these birds. His marking ability is unbelievable and his relentless desire & drive, attention to hand signals and verbal commands, determination and steadiness plus his retrieving certainly makes a case for this top notch 18 month old Yellow Lab.” “This is my once in a lifetime dog.” When we repeatedly hear these great comments from many owners we know it is a special combination. Consistency like this in a breeding means you will have a greater chance of the Trooper x Maggie offspring reproducing themselves. If Seeker produces a lot of himself in his offspring, we know we have something very special.

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