Cashman Stud Dogs

Cashman Stud Dogs

Breeding Fee's

We attempt two natural breedings.  Half of the stud fee is due at the time of the breeding. The stud fee is required to be paid in full within two weeks following the whelping. Upon receipt of the balance of the stud fee, the signed litter registration papers will be mailed to you. Four puppies are considered a full litter regardless if it is a natural, chilled or frozen breeding. With less than four puppies, the stud fee will be divided by the stud fee and reduced by how many puppies.  For instance, if the stud fee is $800 and only one pup is born, the stud fee would be reduced to $200. If the breeding does not take, all but $150 will be refunded.

Frozen semen is available for Trooper, Charlie, Vaider, PD and Amos.  When using frozen semen we require copy's of AKC registration, pedigree, eye CERF, OFA Hip or Penn Hip, and stud fee paid in full prior to shipping the semen. All costs associated with frozen semen breedings are paid by the owners of females. This includes $165 for one week tank rental and semen retrieval fee.  Contact Fed Ex for shipping fee's (average charge is $125-$200). Three day's or more advance notice before shipping. To help with the added costs of using frozen semen, we will deduct $150 from the price of the stud fee.  If less than four puppies are born, the stud fee will be divided by the price of the stud fee and reduced by how many puppies.   If the breeding does not take, all but $150 will be refunded.

Chilled semen is also available on Trooper, Charlie, PD and Vaider.  Regular stud fees will apply.  Also, each time the dog is collected there will be a $30 charge for time involved.  The collecting and shipping costs must be paid by the owner of the female prior to the shipping of the semen.

There is a $40 round-trip airport charge for shipping your dog to the Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport.

If you choose to leave your dog during the breeding process the first five days are free, thereafter boarding is $18.00 per day.

Stud Fees

Vaider  $1000 IKE  $850 Trooper   $1000 Amos  
Charlie    Seeker $1000 PD  $1000 Ruger $850

We reserve the right to decline stud service.  All stud fees’ are subject to change without notice.


Documents we required prior to breeding your female
Copy of the AKC registration papers
Copy of current vaccinations, including Bordetella (Kennel Cough)
Copy of Pedigree
Copy of OFA or Penn Hip
Copy of Eye certification, CERF
Negative Brucellosis test results within 30 days of breeding (it can take a week to get results back)
OFA elbows recommended
EIC, PRA and CNM tests Recommended

Scheduling a Breeding

When you decide to breed to one of our males, we would appreciate a call or email a month or so prior to when you expect her to come into heat. However, we realize this is not always possible.
At the first sign of heat, please call Karen or Matt at (952) 461-2457. Please state the first date of her heat and which dog you would like to breed to.

Ovulation tests prior to breeding

Generally, the 11th and 14th day of the heat cycle brings the best results, however each dog is unique. Therefore, it is recommended that you have smears and/or progesterone tests done to determine the optimal breeding time for your female. Please call us if you have questions about these tests.

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