Raider’s 2010 Offspring

Raider’s 2010 Offspring


June 12, 1994-November 17, 2008

Member of American Pointing Labrador Hall of Fame

2001 US Open Pheasant Champion

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On June 6, 2010, Raider and our dog Molly, using frozen semen, produced a healthy litter of puppies. From this litter, we kept one male, Vaider and three females, Reva, Dee, and Brandi. We also co-own four more females; Kate, Aspen, Calypso and Flame.

By October 1, 2012 and before this litter was two and half years of age, their accomplishments include; four dogs with AKC Master Qualifications, four Senior titles, four Junior titles and six GMPR titles.  In the AKC Hunt Tests, by 2013 the titles include; two Master, five Senior, and five Junior hunter’s.  By 2014 another GMPR titled female.  In the American Pointing Labrador Association the titles include; Two 4 x GMPR, two 1.5 x GMPR, three GMPR and one CPR.  There are seven litter mates with GMPR titles which makes this the most titled Grand Master Pointing Retriever litter in the history of the APLA.

Raider's legacy continues...


The 6 GMPR's Reva, Vaider, Brandi, Kate, Aspen & Dee

4 x GMPR Cashman’s Risky Raider’s in Vaider SH MH

4 x GMPR Cashman’s Risky Raider’s Reva SH MH

GMPR Cashman’s Risky Raider’s Red-Dee SH

GMPR Cashman’s Risky Raider’s Red Brandi JH

1.5 x GMPR Cashman’s Risky Raider’s Aspen JH SH

Co-owned with Neil Frost

1.5 x GMPR Cashman’s Risky Raider’s Kate JH
Co-owned with Wayne Lloyd

GMPR Cashman’s Risky Raider’s Calypso JH SH
Co-owned with Louie Wilder

CPR Cashman’s Risky Raider’s Flame JH
Co-owned with Jason Dommeyer

Father Raider

Father Raider

Mother Molly

Mother Molly


Raider x Molly Puppy Pictures


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