Cashman’s I Like IKE

Cashman’s I Like IKE

AKC: SR49326208
DOB: 3/26/2008
WEIGHT: 68 lbs
OFA:  LR186643G24M-VPI
Elbows: LR-EL4673M24-VPI
CERF:  LR-55954N
EIC:  Clear
CNM:  White List
PRA:  Negative by parentage

ike-sitting-head-turnedIke is what we consider to be the perfectly balanced hunting dog. He has the right amount of drive for hunting, yet always displays the naturally calm behavior of a British Labrador.

At seven weeks old, we were amazed at how easy a puppy he was to raise in the house. Because he wanted to please, he has been attentive and easy to train. Ike has been consistently calm, gentle with all people and children. If he passes on his young dog traits, Ike’s puppies should have excellent house dog manners.

At a year and half old, Ike was a guide dog for the 2009 pheasant season in South Dakota. He so impressed the professional guides with his natural hunting skill that several guides offered to purchase him. Some of their comments were; “Ike had great drive, desire, and endurance. He has an excellent nose, natural marking and trailing instincts but easy to control and well behaved.”

Ike has just as much water desire, swimming in ice-cold Minnesota ponds going after ducks, as he does chasing down roosters. He has a very strong prey drive and will hunt for anyone, anywhere.

Ike’s pedigree is an excellent combination of British and Irish field trial lines. He is also an outcross to all of our previous dogs. We are excited to introduce Ike and believe he will be an outstanding stud dog for Cashman Kennels.

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