Puppies For Sale

Puppies For Sale


Puppies For Sale / Referral Program

Cashman Kennels offers a Puppy Referral Program. Below is a listing of females recently bred to Cashman Kennels' stud dogs.

This Program is quite successful in selling your puppies and provides a good reference for buyers. As a potential buyer, it is your responsibility to ask for guarantees, shots, dewclaws removal, worming, socialization of pups, etc… This is not a complete list of Cashman Kennels breedings. Not all sellers of the pups sign up for the Puppy Referral Program. We are not recommending any particular female/litter on this list.

Please contact the owners of the females listed below for more information. Due to the volume of calls we receive regarding stud services, we would appreciate it if you direct any questions about puppies for sale to the owners of the litters.

If you do purchase a puppy through this Program or from a direct referral from Matt or Karen Cashman, we would greatly appreciate an e-mail. We would like your feedback on this service, the name of the breeder you chose, and we would enjoy hearing about your pup.

Seeker Breeding
Female Information

Owner: Ed Fritz
Phone:  (507)339-0632
Color:  Black
Pups go home:  First of June
Pups available: 4 Males

This is a repeat breeding.  The mother is from our stud dog PD and a 4x GMPR female. Male deposit’s available.

Vaider Breeding
Female Information

Owner: Darnell Lanoue
Phone: (507) 829-6650
State Born: MN
Pups go home: Mid. June 
Pups available:  3 yellow males, 2 yellow females and 1 black female.

This is a repeat breeding. The mother is a pointing lab with her 4 x GMPR and AKC Senior title. 

Seeker Breeding
Female Information

Owner:  Larry Hansen
Phone: (507) 993-9557
Color: Black and Yellow
Pups go home: Mid. June 
Pups available:  1 black male and two yellow males.

The mother is all British with an excellent Field Trial pedigree.  Male deposit's available.

Ruger Breeding
Female Information

Owner: Greg Starkson
Phone: (507) 323-4161
State Born: MN
Color: Yellow 
Pups due: June 2, 2017

This is a repeat breeding.  The mother is from our past stud dog's Charlie, Jack, Brew and Raider bloodlines.

Trooper Breeding
Female Information

Owner: Larry Kraft 
Phone: (319) 404-9001
State Born: IA
Color: Yellow and Black
Pups due: June 20, 2017

The mother is from a combination of field and show bloodlines.

Vaider Breeding
Female Information

Owner:  Johanna Leysen
Phone: (507) 828-8550
State Born: MN
Color: Yellow 
Pups due:  June 27, 2017

The mother is all British with an excellent Field Trial pedigree.  Her father is an AKC Master Hunter.

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